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grant management solutions

Workshops &

Reeleaf offers a wide range of workshops and training aimed at e.g. putting project ideas to practice, looking at the content of execution programmes, process- and financial management and maintaining project administration. We have various programmes on offer, with each of them discussing current topics and practical applicability. Please feel free to get in touch with us with any questions you might have and find out how we could meet your needs.


Clients have the option to retain our services on an in-house basis. We'll have a set team of consultants assigned to you providing you with assistance and advice for the duration of the project. Familiar faces that will have become accustomed to your organisation and its projects, able to provide assistance and advice where, and in the manner, required. We aim for results, operate with a flexible approach and have a feel for the cultural and organisational intricacies that exist between different project partners and stakeholders.


Reeleaf provides support and relief to¬¬ its clients for the life time of the entire programme or project. While - and because - Reeleaf focusses on the procedural and administrative and financial frameworks, our clients are able to focus on the activities and achieving results. For we aim to strike the right balance by allowing projects to flourish and generate a return, while reducing the red tape and administrative burden to a minimum.

We provide support and relief to our clients during all stages of the life cycle of a programme or project

From developing a project idea to selecting the right programmes and partnerships; from applying for funding to a project's implementation and justification, and its conclusion and evaluation. All successful projects start with a sound base, i.e.: a properly developed idea that has been incorporated into its proper project structure. This involves setting up the right partnership, budget, management structure and partnership agreements for the project. But setting up the proper project structure is only the beginning...

The EU's budget framework 2014-2020 allows the European Union to invest up to EUR 960 billion, which is less than was available during the previous period (2007-2013). The EU's cohesion policy is aimed at tackling unemployment and stimulating economic development and innovation to overcome the economic crisis.