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EU funding is an attractive proposition, but can pose difficult questions, and the latter can get in the way of turning your ambition into successful projects. Reeleaf helps your projects meet EU funding requirements, giving them a smooth ride from start to finish. We can help on projects funded through ESF, ERDF, Interreg, Horizon 2020 and Life. Getting started, implementing and enhancing. That’s what we’re good at.

We can provide your organisation with expertise on all issues, getting things done with a hands-on approach. Our services complement your expertise. Together we can get the best out of every project.

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Projects demand a specific expertise and Reeleaf have proven themselves very valuable at every stage. Whether it's drafting the project proposal and budget, or offering advice, assistance and process management at the implementation phase.

Steven Krol, Senior Policy Advisor Water Safety at the Province of South Holland

I envy Reeleaf's ability to attract, and hang on to, their multi-talented specialists. Not only do they bring their expertise to the table, they also bring creativity and a getting-things-done mentality. That is very valuable to us.

Albert Ruiter, Team Europe at the Province of Friesland

Reeleaf's specialists know that the devil is in the detail, work hard and always look for that solution. In doing that they have proven themselves very good at anticipating changes of circumstances and know the EU programmes inside out.

Ron van Erck, Head of International Market Development at Energiesprong

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