The engine of every project

Reeleaf is able to tie your project in with the right EU programme to allow you to obtain and keep your funding. We add value to your project at every phase, offering you anywhere from access to international expertise, right up to the process and financial management of your project as well as on accountability requirements. The more intricate the project, the greater the value we can add.

  1. Getting Started

    We can help you develop your idea’s project potential. We also bring parties together, select the correct programme and take care of the drafting and submitting of the project proposal.

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  2. Implementing

    We can also take on process and financial management duties once a project has been initiated. In doing so, we try and anticipate any opportunities and risks we might encounter along the way, building on, and linking in with, how you currently conduct your business.

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  3. Accountability

    Projects relying on EU funding come with meticulous accountability requirements. We can take care of all of your project’s reporting needs. We offer First Level Control, progress and final reporting on your project’s processes as well as its budgeting.

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  4. Sharing knowledge

    Our years of experience enable us to draw on a wealth of wide-ranging and in-depth expertise. You’ll find that experience and expertise reflected in our studies and evaluations. We also offer training and coaching and host workshops.

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Here’s a selection of the projects we’ve done.

The quality option

We excel in environments where we are given the freedom to add value in more ways than one. That is why we are not only retained as analysts and sparring partners, but also consulted beyond the project framework. We can provide direction to your longer term project policy by acting as both your strategic consultant and your implementing partner, reducing stress and bringing progress and quality.

Reeleaf brings knowledge, experience and the power of personality. The more intricate the project, the greater the value we can add. Would you like to know how we can help you?
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