Increase the impact of your policies

Achieving societal goals smarter, faster and more efficiently. That is what EU-funded projects and programmes are for. Our experts are ready to support your vision and strategy development.

Your requirements

Conducting research is a constant need for any organisation working with EU funding. This starts from the very first orientation, when questions are asked such as: can we increase the impact of our policies with EU funding? And it continues at every stage that follows.

A lot of experience

For all questions within your team about (working with) EU funding you can rely on Reeleaf. We regularly support vision and strategy development, provide ongoing grant scans and have extensive experience in setting up and conducting research.

From ambition to advice

The common thread of many studies is to look ahead at policy developments and to translate ambitions into practical advice, for example, exploring effective management structures or screening subsidy conditions.

Increasing effectiveness

Evaluating (the coherence of) EU-funded projects – internally and externally of your organisation – often provides valuable insights. This way, you can make targeted adjustments or start a new initiative. Together, we make your policy and activities even more effective.

Coaching & workshops

Prefer to learn in practice? We regularly facilitate creative and interactive sessions to explore the various EU programmes or the financial management of European projects within an organisational unit or partnership. One good example is the popular workshop ‘From Project Idea to Project Plan’.

Your questions

Do you have a question about any of the above? Or are you curious about the best way for you to reap the benefits of our knowledge and experience? Feel free to contact us.