Exactly what your project needs

We are specialists in the start-up, execution and accountability of EU-funded projects. These include programmes such as ESF, ERDF, Interreg, Horizon and LIFE. In every phase, we match your ambitions with the right expertise and support. Always from the role that is needed at that moment. For a smooth process and an optimal result.

The flexible support you need in every stage

Developing the project idea

It is our conviction that a project idea originates from and is in line with your policy and activities. This guarantees support within the organisation. Moreover, working with EU funding often requires a contribution from you. We are happy to act as a creative and strategic sparring partner and catalyst for feasible project ideas. We are also happy to guide you through the options that the various EU programmes offer for (co-)financing. Finally, we are happy to open up our extensive network for building the often mandatory (international) partnerships surrounding your project.

Drafting project applications

In addition to the substantive project description, it is important to start with the budget at an early stage. The financial substantiation of your project must meet the necessary conditions and requirements. We are happy to provide you with our knowledge and experience of the applicable laws and regulations and the application procedures and forms of the various funds. Our added value also lies in bridging cultural and organisational differences between project partners. 

Implementing projects

Once the project application has been approved, it is very important to set up and implement an appropriate management and control structure to execute the project in line with the rules and guidelines applicable to the chosen funding programme. We have extensive experience in building this structure within your organisation. Where possible, we tie in existing processes for smooth implementation. In this phase, everything focuses on the delivery of solid project administration. Our consultants are happy to take care of this. You can also rely on Reeleaf to maintain the administration in accordance with the requirements and conditions of the programme. Where necessary, we will coordinate with the programme concerned.

Working with partners

In certain programmes, such as Interreg, partners or sub-partners may come under your responsibility. In such cases, we set up a structure that enables you and your project partners to focus on the content of the project. For example, drafting a handy project manual, developing reporting formats, setting up a digital working environment and coordinating the cooperation agreements. Always with the focus of linking the impact of your project to the lowest possible workload for all parties involved.

Accounting for projects

During the implementation phase, periodic reporting is required, both on the content of the results and on the finances. You can rely on Reeleaf to coordinate and/or draw up the mandatory interim reports and the final reports. This also applies to compiling the control file and its verification by the project controller. Additional information is often requested for the final report. This is to account for the activities in the project and the assurance of results. We can of course, also facilitate this.

We do it together

At Reeleaf, we are into European teamwork. Because the right expertise alone is not enough – working well together makes all the difference. This is why we are constantly looking for opportunities to make the way our clients deal with EU funding even better. Between all stakeholders, inside and outside your organisation.

We fulfil various roles in the cooperation with our clients – from project leader or manager, policy analyst or advisor to coach or sparring partner. We are happy to contribute to the continuity of your efforts and increase your impact using EU funding.
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    Attention environment, climate, energy and sustainability experts! The first calls for projects for the new European programme LIFE have been launched. The programme is all about contributing to the European Green Deal.

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    Reeleaf’s support to the INTERREG North Sea Region 2021-2027 Programme

    From April through September 2020, Nordregio, Oxford Research and Reeleaf (aka NORth consortium) have joined forces to work on the scoping study for the 2021-2027 edition of the North Sea Region Programme.

  • Managing risks in EU funded projects

    Identifying and planning how to manage risks is a standard feature of EU-funded projects, yet it is rarely a focus of project development, either because it just seems to be another purely administrative requirement, or just because we tend to have rosy expectations of our capacity to control everything.

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    As the coronavirus spreads worldwide, its impact on EU-financed projects also increases. Naturally, we are keeping a close eye on all latest developments regarding COVID-19. In this article, we answer questions on the effect of the virus on projects and offer tips on how to deal with it.

  • Reeleaf makes Denmark début

    Following a public tender procedure, Reeleaf was commissioned to take on project management of an Interreg Baltic Sea Region programme project. The project is an initiative by a Danish lead partner.