We are here for you

European teamwork requires a diverse team. We are proud of the committed specialists who make up the Reeleaf team. Each of them works with their own signature and personality. They complement and strengthen each other in a common enthusiasm for our mission.

Lise van den Bos


A reliable project manager and a valued member of our team. Lise has extensive international experience and is familiar with several EU programmes (including Interreg, LIFE, ERDF and Horizon). She is quick to grasp each task and monitors the process. In addition to a preference for clear communication and clear agreements, Lise has guts and likes a challenge – as long as it does not get boring. Lise is actively committed to a more sustainable world and enjoys working with team members – both within Reeleaf and with our clients.

Harry van Gerven

Senior consultant

Senior advisor with experience in the full range of EU-funded collaborations. Harry enjoys meticulously translating the theory of policy into the practice of a successful project. Curiosity, a sense of humour and a great deal of adaptability are the major features of how Harry works. Harry gets a lot of satisfaction and energy from collaborations in which trust plays a major role. For Harry, the fun part of working with EU funding is that you are constantly being introduced to new issues. Discovering how EU funding can help, remains a nice challenge for him.

Susan Lijzenga

Senior consultant

Susan is absolutely in her element as project manager and trainer at Reeleaf. She is a quintessential professional who radiates a great deal of positive energy and also has extensive knowledge of the issues regarding water, climate, nature and sustainability. Susan is keen on applying structure. Based on her motto that a good atmosphere guarantees good performance, Susan focuses on connecting people – to each other and to the common goal. Susan loves sports and exercise. Even her holidays are spent on a bike.

Giulia Stroink


One of the young talents in the Reeleaf team. Giulia is praised by clients and colleagues for her accessibility and her sense of international cooperation. She is also a true European and can be deployed anywhere. Giulia is a go-getter and loves to solve the puzzle. She is driven by a broad interest and a huge sense of responsibility. It is not about her, but about the team: when we achieve good results together, Giulia shines.

Jacqueline Brouwer

Senior consultant

Jacqueline has a wealth of experience in various EU programmes and knows Interreg inside out. In every project her main focus is activating and engaging all those involved. Jacqueline herself gets most enthusiastic about innovative projects that are technically complex and have a clear social component. In addition to her role as project leader, she is also a gifted facilitator who enjoys bringing diverse groups no board. Bringing a project together to go from policy to impact is what Jacqueline is all about.

Patrick Krom


A valued sparring partner for our clients. Patrick likes to dive into complex matters and makes complicated issues clear quickly. He offers support in every project phase, communicates easily and asks the right questions. Patrick combines extensive knowledge of EU funding possibilities with creativity and humour. His trademark is his cheerful optimism – there is a solution for everything. It comes as no surprise that Patrick, in his spare time is a fervent footballer and cyclist, always ensures a pleasant process that everyone enjoys being part of.

Jacques Schibler

Senior consultant

Jacques quickly gets a grip on the most complex challenges. This makes him a valued partner in each project phase: from grant scan to project evaluation, with an emphasis on project development and implementation. Jacques combines a talent for analysis and strategy with creativity, perseverance and flexibility. Anticipating changing circumstances is his speciality. Above all, this driven professional is a man from Alsace who enjoys cooking for others.

Nikolett Tonzor


Enthusiastic, cheerful, driven and socially involved. And also: a hard worker with a strong financial-economic background. That is Nikolett in a nutshell. At Reeleaf, football-playing mother, is mainly active in supporting ERDF and ESF projects. Keywords: administration, structure, Excel. Nikolett is blessed with an open and adventurous character. She does her work with a smile on her face and loves achieving good results along with others.

Renate van den Dool

Financial administration

Done is done. With a motto like that, it is clear: Renate is a real go-getter. At Reeleaf she is responsible for the project and financial administration. This role sees her highly appreciated by colleagues and clients as a committed professional who is always there for you. Renate does her work in a straightforward manner and always with a twinkle in her eye. She is razor-sharp on details, works quickly and purposefully and always communicates with an open mind.

Leonie van Lent


As office manager at Reeleaf, Leonie is the colleague everyone wishes they had. A real go-getter who you can always rely on. Precise, involved and encouraging. Within our team, Leonie has a versatile and varied role with the common thread: ensure everything runs smoothly. Her personal approach makes Leonie a positive and connecting force. Leonie is a real doer, even in her spare time. She goes for a supercharged run or a relaxing walk in the countryside.

Lidwien Slothouwer-Van Schipstal

Senior consultant

Completely at home on the cutting edge of international cooperation and sustainability. Lidwien enjoys connecting businesses and people. She thinks in terms of opportunities, has an eye for the needs of the others and works diligently – always based on clear frameworks. Lidwien also has a sharp eye and is quick to grasp new concepts. She enjoys the learning process that each project entails. Lidwien recharges by taking long walks in the countryside.

Martijn Warmerdam

Managing Director

Connecting leadership, clear communicator, an eye for others. As director and senior consultant at Reeleaf, Martijn excels in the process and financial management of EU-funded partnerships. In doing so, he loves putting his 20+ years of experience in European funding to good use. Martijn has a versatile track record at project and programme level, in regional and international programmes. He is also flexible, creative and diplomatically strong, with a sixth sense for cultural and political sensitivities. Identifying these in time and converting them into progress is Martijn’s speciality.