UIA unveils topics for third Call for Proposals

The Urban Innovative Actions programme (UIA) has announced it will be opening its third Call for Proposals in December 2017. The programme recently unveiled the four topics it has selected for this round, i.e. Adaptation to Climate Change; Air Quality; Housing; and Jobs and Skills in the Local Economy.

UIA is a relative newcomer, acting as THE European urban development lab. Projects under this initiative focus on identifying and testing innovative and sustainable urban innovation opportunities.


The UIA programme focusses on urban areas with more than 50,000 inhabitants. Interested parties have until 31 March 2018 to submit their project proposals.


Applying for UIA funding should see cities not only have a clear vision, but also the ambition to take up such a project. The reason for this is that the UIA programme will only consider proposals of an entirely unique nature – a requirement its Monitoring Committee monitors very closely. Proposals should not only be innovative, they should also be reproducible to allow a project that has yielded successful results to also be implemented elsewhere.


UIA caters to a societal need, as urban innovation projects often have a hard time obtaining funding. Reeleaf is ready to assist any city considering to submit a UIA proposal in exploring partnership options and drafting the project proposal.

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