1. Getting Started

Getting your project off to a successful start

The success or failure of any project relying on EU funding will depend on its preparation. You’ll need the right idea, tailored to the right programme and involve the right foreign and domestic organisations and institutions. We will ensure that your project prepares for success.

Developing your project idea

Any project looking to become a success will first require a sound plan. We have a lot of experience in successfully building an idea into a project plan. We are able to bring structure and clarity by employing instruments such as Project Model Canvassing. And by working with you, we can create the right dynamics and energy within your team.

Programme and Partnership

EU funding helps make your project a truly valuable enterprise. Every programme will have its own set of requirements in this regard, but concluding (international) partnerships will often be an important prerequisite among many of those. We have a large network of European contacts at our disposal. This enables us to increase the chances of your project successfully applying for funding, as well as raise its potential. We are, quite naturally, very happy to put you in touch with parties that can add value. As a rule, partnership options will be explored alongside the programme selection process.

Applying for Funding

The final phase to Getting Started is all about arriving at a sound and convincing project proposal. This is a rather delicate process and we will always assist you in this, as well as actually contribute to drafting your proposal. Our specialist consultants continuously keep themselves up to speed on the available programmes and any relevant legislation that might apply. They take a very results-oriented approach to their efforts, keeping an eye on the differences in culture and operational methods that exist among the organisations involved. Better still, we try and utilise these differences to enhance your project plan.

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