2. Implementing

Ensuring a smooth implementation

EU funding can enhance your project, but will also add complexity to its implementation. Our expertise will ensure you a smooth-running process and an enjoyable partnership with your partners. We will guard your interests, seize any opportunities that present themselves and support and facilitate your team. In doing so, we will try and tie in with your working methods, where we can, and as best we can.

Process and Financial Management

As European projects often see a great number of interests and conditions come together, they will often have an intricate structure to them. We know which of these interests and conditions come together in a particular project and we understand how important attention to detail is in this respect. You’ll notice this in our approach to the process and financial management of your project. This allows us to begin by laying down a solid project management structure and a sound project accounting structure first. We do this to prevent the project’s content and finances from venturing beyond the limits of the programme.

The fact that our specialists try and build on, and link in with, how you and your project partners currently conduct their business is an important added value they bring to the table. Our experiences have found this to greatly reduce the risk of mistakes. On top of that, we like to keep an eye out for any risks and opportunities we may encounter in our monitoring of the project’s financial and material progress, to allow you the time to anticipate them, should circumstances change. If needed, we can even suggest changes to the project.


The ESF Go-portal is the go-to platform for a successful management of European Social Fund (ESF) projects. This fund was set up to create opportunities in the job market for certain groups of people. The ESF Go-portal is a tool that assists the monitoring of a project’s progress and for conducting its overall administration.

We support the use of this portal, one that has proven its value as a flexible and user-friendly platform for accommodating ESF-funded projects. It offers options for, e.g. logging hours, team communication by email or blog, and real-time editing of shared documents. This negates the need for any paper backups of case files. It also features the option of registering participants in a single integrated database. This increases your ability to effectively direct your project.

Would you like to know more about this? Or would you like to find out what support we could provide your project’s implementation? If so, feel free to get in touch with us.

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