Full accountability for your project

EU-funded projects come with meticulous accountability requirements. We cab take care of all of your project’s reporting needs. We offer First Level Control, progress and final reporting on your project’s processes and its budgeting.

Progress Reporting

Retaining EU funding will require you to submit progress reports on your project. Mandatory reports will have to both report on the project’s progress – i.e. results achieved – as well as its financial accountability. We enjoy a great deal of experience in managing and coordinating these reports. This will see us structure the chain of responsibility in such a way that your project manager will also be able to use it in his directing of the project. That way, what is a mandatory requirement can now become an asset to your project.

In addition, we’ll also assist in the compiling of the audit file and the audit by the accountant or the controller. Our experience with the application of programme rules allows us to simplify the process and alleviate your burden. If you’re collaborating on a project with your partners, we’ll set you up with a management structure that will not only allow its leading partner, but also its project partners to focus on the material issues.

In our work, we like using clever tools that make life easier and improve the quality of results. E.g. reporting formats, working arrangements and a digital workplace. We can, of course, also provide the coordination of the accountability component for your project’s partnership. Principal to all our activities is that we want to keep the administrative burden as light as we can, while maximising the added value to your project.

Final Reporting

Final reporting will join the results and finances of the final project phase with the earlier progress reports. It should be noted that final reporting is usually subjected to additional requirements. I.e. relying on the project’s management structure and progress reporting alone, though important, will not suffice.

Our specialists know what’s required to arrive at a sound final report. They enjoy experience and expertise in coordinating impact assessments and compiling an audit file. We can, of course, take on the entire final reporting procedure, should you so desire.

First Level Control

Our consultants can provide First Level Control services for various Interreg programme projects for both progress as well as final reporting. We know both the legislation involved with and the practical aspects to European projects. This enables us to swiftly gain an understanding of the opportunities and risks posed to your organisation. Once one of our consultants has approved your final report, you may proceed to confidently submit it.

Would you like to know more about the above? Or would you like to know how we can help with the accountability for your project? If so, feel free to get in touch with us.

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