4. Sharing Knowledge

Enhancing your expertise

Our expertise can prove of value to your organisation in a project setting. You can also commission us to develop expert files that support your strategy development. We also offer (on-site) training and coaching and host workshops. This allows us to contribute to the continuity of how you deal with EU-funded projects.

Studies & Evaluations

The EU-funded projects and programmes deal with societal issues and aim to maximise social return on investment. Our studies can help you become more effective. We’ll discuss where practical developments are headed and translate ambition into practical advice. This could entail, e.g. exploring effective management structures, or screening funding conditions. Evaluating existing programmes and projects can also offer you valuable insight. They could help you adjust your course, or even set up a new programme.

Coaching, Training and Workshops

We could also share knowledge and experiences at your place of work, of course. To that end, we’ll quite regularly deploy coaching as a targeted means of developing certain specific skills or expertise. We can offer this to both individuals as well as teams and we also provide training. This could, for example, see us take your team, or department or partnership, and together explore EU funding programmes, or the financial management of European projects. We could arrange for such sessions to be instructive, or perhaps even interactive with a particular focus on creativity, depending on your wishes.  One workshop we are often asked to host is the From project idea, to project plan workshop.

Would you like to know more about the above? Or would you like to know how we could enhance your expertise through training, coaching and hosting workshops? If so, feel free to get in touch with us.

Reeleaf brings knowledge, experience and the power of personality. The more intricate the project, the greater the value we can add. Would you like to know how we can help you?